Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises (OTIE)

Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises (OTIE)

Air Quality


OTIE offers air quality services including monitoring, permitting, regulatory compliance assessments, industrial hygiene assessments, and design/construction of emission control systems. OTIE facilitates air-permitting during the planning and implementation of facility improvements. OTIE provides strategies that achieve the expansion goals, provide operational flexibility, and either meet new source permitting requirements or avoid the need for a permit. Our experience includes design and implementation of air monitoring at Superfund sites and former manufactured gas plants.

Indoor Air Monitoring

  • Indoor air quality assessments
  • Regulatory compliance assessments

Ambient Air Monitoring

  • Sampling and monitoring
  • Design and implementation of air monitoring at remediation sites
  • Set-up and operation of on-site laboratory

At the former Barrie Park manufactured gas plant in IL, OTIE conducted perimeter air monitoring during remediation activities to protect nearby residents from polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) and VOCs. We prepared and implemented the complete monitoring program.

OTIE performed metrological and perimeter air monitoring at the Velsicol Superfund Site, MI during sediment remediation involving polybrominated biphenyls, pesticides, and VOCs. OTIE installed a MetOne Metrological station with a 10-meter sensor tower and 4 sampling stations linked to a data logger for remote date access and assessment.

As part of the $15.6M remedial action for the Nascolite CERCLA Site in NJ, OTIE also performed real-time meteorological and perimeter air monitoring for methylmethacrylate, particulates, and lead. Time-integrated VOC samples were also collected using Summa™ canisters and Hi-Vol air samplers.

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