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Air Quality and Meteorological Monitoring Services


Our air quality and meteorological monitoring services include: Monitoring network design, Preparation of the Quality Assurance Project Plan, Monitoring equipment supply, Installation and startup, Operation and maintenance, Data acquisition, analysis and reporting including daily polling, Quality Assurance Performance and Systems Audits and other QA functions


Since 1974, we have conducted operation and maintenance, quality assurance, data analysis and reporting and auditing of over 1,900 meteorological and air quality parameters for over 6,200 parameter-years in 26 states and two foreign countries. Our over 6,200 parameter-years of experience includes instrumentation from every major manufacturer as well as a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment.

The best evidence of the satisfaction of our clients with our air quality and meteorological monitoring services is that every one of the over 100 air quality and meteorological monitoring networks involving over 500 monitoring sites and over 6,200 parameter-years of monitoring that Enviroplan Consulting has operated or is operating has achieved or exceeded their valid quality assured data collection requirements and 97% of them continued using Enviroplan Consulting through completion of the monitoring program even though these individual monitoring programs have operated for up to 16 years.

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