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Air Quality Compliance


JBR provides a wide range of services to assist our clients with demonstrating compliance with all local, state, and federal air quality regulations and permit requirements. Our professionals not only have extensive experience representing our clients’ best interests to the regulatory agencies, but many of our engineers also have several years of experience working within regulatory agencies. This experience brings a unique level of understanding to agency interactions that benefit our clients when providing compliance services. Air quality compliance services provided by JBR encompass the broad array of issues that may apply to our clients’ operations. From demonstrating initial compliance with a new regulation to compiling emission inventories or assisting with resolving potential non-compliance with a regulation or a permit requirement, JBR is equipped with the regulatory knowledge and technical experience to effectively address our clients’ needs.

With new and changing regulations at every regulatory level, JBR’s assistance provides peace of mind that important concerns and deadlines will not be overlooked. JBR can develop client-specific compliance templates, training, and review services for clients who are comfortable with the compliance process but seek additional input and verification. For clients seeking further technical support or who want one less thing to worry about, JBR also provides full-service data review and preparation of all required compliance submittals.

JBR stays abreast of new developments in federal, state, and local air quality regulations and agency rules and policies. As the number of regulations and their level of complexity continue to evolve, JBR stands ready to assist. From NSR, PSD, and Title V permitting to NESHAP, NSPS, and GHG regulations, compliance can be made simpler with JBR on your team. Our air quality compliance services include, but are not limited to:

  • Air quality compliance audits
  • Compliance certification and monitoring report preparation
  • Compliance training for specific permit and regulatory requirements
  • CEM data review
  • Emission inventory development and verification
  • Greenhouse gas emission calculation and reporting
  • Regulatory applicability analysis and review
  • Resolution of alleged regulatory violations
  • On-site source emissions testing (stack testing)
  • Process/equipment change review for determining permitting requirements

JBR personnel are experienced in a wide range of industrial operations and corresponding regulatory programs and provide the full range of services tailored to address the specific issues each client faces.

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