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In the frame of the licencing process for new plants or for the enlargement or modification of existing plants, the air pollutant and odour concentrations in the vicinity of the plant have to be predicted as well for the regular operation as for accidental releases.

Whereas the emissions of a plant can be determined relatively easy from the technical specifications of the plant or the data of comparable plants, the prediction of the concentrations in the vicinity of the plant affords the exact knowledge of

  • the atmospheric dispersion, i.e.
    • the building induced initial dilution,
    • the wind field, sometimes heavily modified by the surrounding topography,
    • the dispersion processes
  • and the meteorological conditions, i.e.
    • the wind statistics,
    • the distribution of the stability classes,
    • the frequency of inversions.

Depending on the complexity of the source conditions and the dispersion (topography) different tools are available to model the dispersion and to thus predict the concentrations. These tools reach from Gaussian over coupled wind field-Lagrange Models to wind tunnel and tracer measurements in the field.

The field of activity covers all kind of problems coming up with operational air pollutant concentration modelling as

  • complex source conditions,
  • initial dilutions caused by flows around buildings,
  • topographically structured and built-up areas,
  • inhomogeneous wind fields,
  • accidental releases.

The spectrum of the plants, covered by the services of our company, reaches from major power plants, foundries, chemical plants and paper mills down to small scale heating installations.

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