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Air Quality Consulting for Tunnel Ventilation



Planing road tunnels, several aspects concerning air quality and human health need to be respected: Protection of users of tunnel in case of fire. Keeping of air quality standards in the tunnel. Air pollutant concentrations, caused by emissions released from the tunnel mouths and ventilation systems. These topics need to be respected from the beginning of a project in order to achieve a smooth licensing process. We offer you competent consulting in these fields.

  • Preparation of expert advices for the provision of air quality in the tunnel as well as the protection of the users in case of fire. Basis: Guideline for the equipment and running of road tunnels (RABT).
  • Two step procedure for the prediction of the air pollutant concentrations outside the tunnel:

Step 1: First estimation of the concentrations on the basis of the tunnel module, integrated into MLuS.

Step 2: In case of high concentrations, estimated by step 1, a sophisticated prediction of the concentrations is executed on the basis of microscale dispersion models or wind tunnel measurements. Local specialities as valley drainage flows etc. are included (see Fig. 1).

Fig. 1: Result of sophisticated prediction of concentrations including valley drainage flows. The figure shows the annual mean of the total NO2 concentration. Total = caused by vehicles plus regional background concentration.

As result also recommendations are provided concerning design and operation and necessity of ventilation.

Choice of our references

  • Update and validation of the model of the German Federal Agency of Roads for the estimation of air pollutant concentrations in the vicinity of tunnel (1998)
  • Apointed member to different expert groups and emissions working group of German Society of Engineers (VDI)
  • More than 200 expert advices concerning air pollution and traffic


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