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Air Quality Consulting for Waste and Agriculture



The design of new waste treatement and disposal plants as well as the extension of existing plants requires efforts for determination and prevention of dangers and nuisances. Also in agriculture (animal breeding) information about potential odour problems is required.

These tasks can only be managed if the emissions and concentrations can be predicted reliably. Also the protection of the micro-climate should be included into the predictions as feature on its own.

In close contact to the institutions, charged with the realization of the project (planers, licencing authorities, expert advicers) we work on these questions concerning air quality and climatology.

For the air pollutants under consideration as dust, landfil gas, germs or odour, the emissions are determined, the dispersion model is chosen and the concentrations are calculated. The choice of a suitable dispersion model (simple Gaussion Plume Model or coupled windfield/Lagrange Model, wind tunnel - oder field measuremets) is based on the analysis of the terrain and the meteorological conditions (topography, initial dilution etc.).

On the basis of local meteorological data the effects of the plant, for example a waste dump pile on the local climate (windfield, valley drainage flows etc.) can be predicted. The tools are several numerical models (for example the wind field model DIWIMO) as well as the transfer of data from similiar cases on the case under consideration. In case of special topographical or climatological conditions we execute local inspections or tracer measurements. If necessary we give advice for the choice of suitable systems for meteorological measurements, supervise them and do the data reduction.

For the determination of odour nuisances by existing plants we can use our certified test persons, spezialised in odour monitoring.

Example: Prediction of the frequency of odour perception for a planned waste dump site under consideration of the local valley drainage flows. The figure displays the frequency of odour perceptions in percent of the time of the year.

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