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Leading Company in Air Quality Projects. Enviromodeling is the leading company in Air Quality studies in Chile, with expertise in modeling, data analisis and emission inventories.

Due to the the complexity of the terrain and meteorology scenarios of the country, traditional and simple air quality models such as ISCST3, COMPLEXI-II and AERMOD can not be applied to assess the impact of atmospheric emissions.

These scenarios requires the use of dynamic modeling system such as CALPUFF, specially designed to assess the impact of sources located near the Andes Mountains, such as the CODELCO Divisions El Teniente and Chuquicamata, and near the ocean such as CODELCO Division Ventanas.

EnviroModeling has completed projects in all these scenarios and others of similar complexity. This experience allows us to offer to the industry, government and environmental consultants:

  • Our capability to perform fast and efficient air quality modeling projects to assess the impact of pollutant emissions such as PM10, SO2, NO/NO2, etc. We currently have complete meteorological databases covering most of the country. We can also generate wind fields in areas with little or no information using the RAMS mesoscale model.
  • The preparation of fast an efficient emission inventory reports according to the new CONAMA regulations (Decreto CONAMA-MINSAL Nº108), and the estimation of process emissions according to EPA and locally developed emission factors.
  • The preparation of emission inventories for mining operations, including open pits, mineral transport, etc.
  • Statistical data analysis of all the environmental data available through certified monitoring networks.

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