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Air Quality Managment


Air Permits: Before a corporation or a partnership can begin the construction of a new facility or complete the acquisition of an existing facility, the proper air permits must be obtained. OMNI has had vast experience with all types of permits, including Title V. Our professional staff can identify the needed air permits and obtain them as quickly as possible so that construction and operations can begin.

Air Quality Compliance Audit
The Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) impact a number of industrial facilities with new requirements. OMNI assists with the sometimes difficult task of determining which regulations specifically affect the client's facility and in determining what is required to bring the client's facility into compliance.

Air Dispersion Modeling
Computerized air dispersion modeling is often required in support of all types of permitting activities. OMNI has the expertise in all aspects of air modeling including preparation of modeling protocols and modeling plans, setting up/running models, data analysis and interpretation, and preparation of the modeling summary report usually included as part of the permit application. OMNI can customize the air dispersion modeling to satisfy the state requirements of specific client needs.

Control Technology Evaluations
OMNI has the knowledge and experience to provide process engineering services to help evaluate, select, and design complete air pollution control systems. OMNI helps firms evaluate emission reduction, strategies and prepare bid packages, evaluates vendor bids, selects equipment, and provides engineering support with installation, start-up, and testing.

Emission Inventories
Developing a complete, well-organized air emissions inventory is of key importance in meeting regulatory requirements, maintaining good public relations, and minimizing annual emissions fees. Indeed, more frequent and more accurate emissions inventories are rapidly becoming the growing trend among industrial and manufacturing firms nationwide. OMNI provides the proper planning needed for an accurate air emissions inventory and then goes on to perform the emissions inventory itself.

Indoor Air Quality
According to the World Health Organization, approximately 30% of all commercial buildings have significant indoor air quality problems. Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is the condition of a building in which more than 20% of the occupants are suffering from adverse health effects. There is no clinically diagnosable disease present. The cost of SBS in terms of lost production and medical costs are in the tens of billions of dollars per year in the U.S. alone. Building Related Illness (BRI) is the general term for a medically diagnosable illness that is caused by or related to occupancy of a building. For example, carbon monoxide poisoning or Legionnaire's disease from a cooling tower can be BRIs. The OMNI professional staff can help with your IAQ problems by performing biological sampling, face velocity measurements, contaminant level sampling, bio-monitoring, occupation exposure audits, and employee testing.

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