Thompson Environmental Consulting, Inc.

Thompson Environmental Consulting, Inc.

Air Quality Permitting Services


Providing a Full Range of Air Quality Services: TEC can provide a complete range of air quality services. Our services include: Pre-Construction Permitting (PSD and non-PSD). TEC prepares pre-construction permit applications, both under PSD and non-PSD regulations. TEC staff thoroughly understands all requirements associated with application and maintenance of PSD and non-PSD permits.

Operating Permits (Title V, Voluntary)

TEC prepares and reviews dozens of original Title V permit applications.  Annual emission inventories are prepared, and where final permits have been issued, semi-annual compliance and monitoring reports are prepared and submitted.

Dispersion Modeling

TEC maintains three modeling software licenses.  Staff members have completed extensive training in modeling theory and procedures. TEC participates in IDNR task forces that develop today’s modeling guidelines (for non-PSD modeling).

Stack Testing

TEC provides a full range of engineering and compliance stack testing as well as CEM certification.

Emission Inventories

TEC develops emission inventories for pre-construction permitting, Title V permits and minor source EIQs for a wide range of clients.

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

TEC provides LDAR (VOC) survey programs required by NSPS and NESHAPS

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