Air Quality Service


KERAMIDA has one of the strongest Air Quality Teams in the industry, with an unparalleled average experience per professional of 25 years. Many of them are experts in their fields who lecture extensively in national conferences.

  • Title V Permitting
  • PSD Evaluation & Permitting
  • MACT Applicability / Compliance
  • O&M Plans
  • Emission Inventories / Reporting
  • Air Compliance Support
  • Technology Assessment (BACT/LAER)
  • New Source Reviews
  • Compliance Audits
  • Air Quality Dispersion Modeling
  • Emission Risk Modeling
  • Residual Risk Determination
  • Stack Test Oversight / Compliance
  • Demonstration Support
  • Ventilation Studies / Corrective Action
  • (in collaboration with KBD)
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Ambient Air Quality
  • Energy Use Audit / CO2 Reduction Strategies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Expert Testimony

Our senior Air Quality professionals routinely work with federal and state agencies at all levels assisting clients, nationwide, and are involved in the development of regulations through many industry and trade associations. This allows KERAMIDA to strategically interpret current regulations and anticipate future trends and requirements. We carefully review our industrial partners' project goals and facility plans to devise an approach that results in the most beneficial compliance and permitting strategy.

Our Air Quality clients also have the added benefit of Technikon's Air Emissions Research.

KERAMIDA's Air Quality Services range from process engineering based-emission calculations, and operation and construction permits (e.g., Title V, FESOP, PSD) to more advanced services, including New Source Review (NSR) evaluations and Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) look backs, MACT, GACT, NSPS, BACT, LAER, and RACT analyses, air emission reduction strategies, detailed air dispersion modeling, air toxics control and compliance, residual risk evaluation, CO2 and energy reduction assistance, and conceptual design of air pollution control devices.

Our staff is experienced in conducting multi-pathway air risk assessments in support of air permit needs for industrial facilities. We also conduct these assessments for litigation support and various state air toxics program protocols. KERAMIDA's Air Quality clients cover every major industrial category, including steel, power, automotive, automotive suppliers, foundries, die casters, chemicals/pharmaceuticals, grain processors, petrochemicals, oil and gas, grain processors, petrochemicals, oil and gas, plastics, coatings, recreational vehicles, mining, metal fabrication, tool manufacturing, aluminum processing, brick manufacturing, and cement production.

In 2000, KERAMIDA's base expanded as the co-founder and co-owner of Technikon LLC, a California Research and Development Company formed to privatize a successful Department of Defense Research Program, the Casting Emissions Reduction Program (CERP).

The knowledge KERAMIDA gains through its collaboration with Technikon, and its access to Technikon's research, becomes a priceless asset to our clients. Technikon researches emission measurement methods and assesses and validates reductions of air emissions through Green Manufacturing, accomplished through the use of alternative materials and processes.

To date, Technikon and KERAMIDA have published over 130 research papers based on the research conducted at Technikon covering a wide range of air topics, including:

Foundry process emissions

  • Melting furnaces
  • Pouring, cooling and shakeout
  • Core make emissions

Process variability and its effect on HAP emissions

HAP emissions stack testing protocols

  • Procedural refinements
  • Repeatability studies

2.5 Particulate emission research

  • Relationship between particulate emissions and condensable particulate emissions
  • Comparisons between particulate emission protocols

Volatile organic emissions

  • Emission variability
  • Emission testing protocols

Energy Studies

The effect of process changes on emissions has been a focus of several projects undertaken at Technikon, as it is an area not well understood by most regulators, researchers and consultants. Even though Technikon's research had focused on metal casting, a better understanding of the interrelationships amongst process variability, air emissions, and stack testing protocols benefits numerous other industrial sectors.

Technikon has expanded and is now focused on light metals manufacturing research, applications of advanced manufacturing methods, and biomass to energy technology development and validation.

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