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The current worldwide focus is on reducing emissions and using cleaner, more efficiently generated power.  Air quality concerns often influence the design and siting of new energy, transportation, and industrial infrastructure.  In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, project developers can support business investment decisions based on economic and market evaluations of emissions, allowance costs, and possible trading options.

At E & E, we provide more than reports.  Our cross-disciplinary air quality experts have the depth of knowledge and experience to develop tailored strategies to help clients make the very best decisions.

Our team of air experts has completed over 550 air quality projects in North America and around the world. We develop permitting roadmaps, prepare accurate and cost-effective permit applications, modeling, environmental impact statements (EISs), environmental reports (ERs), environmental assessments (EAs), and air conformity analyses that help clients make informed investment decisions and design projects that promote their business goals, economic sustainability and environment stewardship.

  • Emission Inventories (stationary & mobile sources)
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Evaluation
  • Compliance Evaluations
  • PSD/New Source Review (construction) Permits
  • Title V Operating Permits
  • Synthetic Minor Operating Permits/Capping
  • Planning and oversight of Meteorological & Air Sampling Stations
  • Stationary Source Dispersion Modeling (CALPUFF, AERMOD)
  • Mobile Source Emission & Dispersion Modeling (MOVES, CAL3QHCR)
  • EISs/EIAs
  • Litigation Support
  • Conformity Analysis
  • Air Pollution Control Planning and Engineering (BACT, RACT, MACT, LAER)
  • Industrial Process Evaluation and Interaction with Air Quality Issues

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