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Today's air regulations directly affect how you do business – in some cases even attempting to dictate which products you can make or materials you can process, how you can make them, how much you can produce, and how often you can operate your facility. Air regulations also can affect how often you can train or repair or whether you can add a new source at your facility. Unfortunately, compliance with existing and new air rules is now a significant cost of doing business.

In addition, public and private enterprises worldwide that want to maintain a sustainable future need to determine their greenhouse gas/carbon emission practices for control or reduction. They also are looking for long-term market and potential value that can result from smart action and investment today.

At Versar, we approach air and greenhouse gas (GHG) areas much like other environmental areas – with long-term value in mind. Our services enable clients to incorporate knowledge management into operational decision-making and risk management, which add value to the bottom line. Therefore, we strive to find value in all air, GHG, or carbon issues from the start so our clients can achieve operational cost and risk reductions; obtain any credits due and understand their market value; and meet reporting requirements and ensure future compliance.

Strategic Business Planning

Versar integrates our air services into a strategic business-planning package for your organization:

  • Planning to relocate? Have you looked at air and related regulations at your proposed new location? Sometimes air/related regulations can be show stoppers with respect to relocating to a new facility.
  • Planning a new piece of equipment? Sometimes new equipment can cause you to exceed existing emission limits. Proper planning is needed.
  • Shutting down a piece of equipment or a location/ plant? You may be able to obtain credits for the shutdown or substitute other equipment.

Air Inventory Services and Reporting

Almost everything related to air compliance or GHG starts with an inventory of some sort. Versar’s reporting services include the following:

  • State-specific emissions reporting. We tailor your data to state reporting systems.
  • Development of state emission statement reports.

Versar prides itself in a quality-driven inventory process, one with built-in checks and rock-solid field collection and data interpretation.

Air Compliance & Permitting

We provide complete Title V and other permit or New Source Review (NSR) services including Title V & state air permits including full supporting calculations, PSD/Nonattainment/NSR, federally enforceable state operating permits, and emissions offsets, emission credits, and trading scenarios.

Engineering Services

Versar helps our clients avoid more costly emission control or engineering solutions through prudent planning and strategic thinking. However, should they be required, we can conduct energy-based emission solutions including LEED and its relationship to air quality, RACT/BACT/LAER analysis, MACT compliance strategies, specialized combined heat and power (CHP) opportunities/applications and toxic/hazardous air pollutant controls.

GHG and Carbon Reduction Strategies

Many channels exist to provide GHG or carbon reduction. Versar brings these channels together in an integrated approach to reduction through; comprehensive GHG assessments following the latest protocols, energy services, sustainable design, including LEED certification, green procurement strategies, effective retro-commissioning of buildings and analysis of renewable or “green” energy sources. In addition, Versar is a GHG verification body in the State of California. This means we are certified to review GHG emissions data. Being certified also means we bring the latest in GHG thinking to you.

Following these kinds of strategies allows you to achieve reductions while maximizing the value and sustainability of your facility assets.

In Summary

Versar’s Air Quality Services imbeds air knowledge management into your operational decision-making and risk management process. Our air knowledge provides green value to you, the customer.

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