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Air Pollution, Odor Treatment, and Indoor Air Testing; VOCs and odor-causing compounds can be remedied using various air biotreatment systems. Typical bioreactor based systems, such as biofilters and biotrickling filters, operate most efficiently if the interaction of the microbial populations, microbial catalysts, and bioreactor designs are fully characterized.

The MiL has successfully sampled, isolated, identified, tracked, and eliminated the source of many microbial pathogens located within the HVAC systems of large buildings across North America. All microbial isolates can be characterized and identified at the MiL by using a mix of technologies including: Gas Chromatography Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (GCFAME), Phospho-Lipid Fatty Acid (PLFA) analyses, Carbon Utilization Pattern Recognition (using 96-well microplates), 16S rRNA Sequencing, ELISA, and RiboPrinter Molecular Pattern Typing

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