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SAGE Environmental Consulting

Air Regulatory Compliance and Permitting Services


Air Compliance is about using all of the compliance tools and resources available to improve air quality by ensuring that all air pollution sources are in compliance with state and federal air pollution laws, rules and permits. At Sage, we take air compliance seriously, offering a wide range of services in the area, such as: EPA Air Quality Issues, including new NAAQS schedules and maps, GHG regulation, NSR developments and others.

On-Site Compliance Assistance

  • Assistance with daily permit and regulatory compliance tracking
  • Completion of periodic recordkeeping and reporting obligations
  • Management of the process and control equipment monitoring and inspection requirements
  • Assistance with emission event recordkeeping and reporting

Neshap FF Compliance Programs

  • Consent Decree Implementation
  • Consent Decree Review and Verification Reports
  • Total Annual Benzene (TAB) Recalculations and Overall Compliance Reviews
  • Comprehensive Report Documentation for TAB Demonstrations
  • Sampling Protocols Development
  • Turnaround Sampling Plans
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Plans
  • Site Specific Health and Safety Plans
  • Privileged and Confidential Auditing
  • Sampling Training
  • Staff Compliance Training

Environmental Management Systems

  • Environmental Data Management Assistance
  • Task Management and Tracking
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Job Aides & Standard Operating Procedures
  • Score Card Systems
  • Corporate Resource Allocation
  • ISO 14000 Planning and Implementation

Mact Compliance Programs

  • Complete Information Requests (MACT Long Forms)
  • Compliance Program Development
  • Comprehensive/Turnkey Program Development (Initial reporting to comply with Standards, Recordkeeping, Reporting, and Monitoring Requirements)

Additional Offerings

  • NOX Mass Cap and Trade Program Development
  • Emissions Inventories
  • EPCRA 312 & EPCRA 313
  • Compliance Audits
  • Regulatory Negotiations
  • Risk Management Plans (RMP)
  • On-site Assistance
  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Programs

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