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Air sampling services from Maxxam include stack air testing, air emissions testing, mercury testing and analysis, metals testing and acid gases monitoring. Provincial, Federal and State governments in Canada and the USA require that facilities emitting certain quantities of regulated substances become more diligent with respect to testing, compliance and reporting measures. As a result, customers need a supplier that they can count on to provide accurate and reliable air sampling testing and data.

As an industry leader in the analysis of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in source and industrial emissions, Maxxam has become a trusted resource for a broad array of customers that require the evaluation of air emissions. Maxxam conducts Compliance testing, Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA), Cylinder Gas Audits and Quality Assurance Plan Audits to satisfy the requirements set out by Provincial and National environmental regulatory bodies. In addition, our Air Services Group provides plant performance and combustion efficiency testing to industrial facilities and engineering clients to help optimize processes and reduce emissions.

Maxxam offers comprehensive analytical capabilities including particulate, metals, anions, volatiles and semi-volatile compounds. We also offer customers with High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HRMS) capabilities for the measurement of Dioxins/Furans, PCB Congeners (209), PAHs, OC pesticides and other persistent chemicals. Maxxam supplies sampling media for all analyses performed.

The wide array of analyses that Maxxam provides helps customers comply with regulatory standards, optimize pollution abatement equipment and evaluate process change in industrial plants. Maxxam Analytics Air Services Group has a long history when it comes to mercury stack test programs in Western Canada. The group performed its first mercury speciation stack test program in 1997, and over the next three years worked closely with the author of the Ontario Hydro mercury speciation method on a large-scale mercury study for the Geological Survey of Canada. This program involved mercury speciation stack tests at the various coal-fired power generation plants throughout Alberta, and it was during this time that Maxxam developed sampling protocols and analytical techniques still used today. Maxxam’s Air Services Group and Mississauga Air Laboratory have developed expertise on this important method. As the leader in the field of mercury testing, Maxxam has now completed preparations for the carbon sorbent trap test method, commonly known as U.S. EPA Method 30B. With the recent purchase of an ESC Method 30B sampling system and an Ohio Lumex mercury analyzer, along with certification training on mercury analysis, Maxxam’s team is ready to perform carbon sorbent trap mercury tests across Western Canada.

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