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Airborne Ultrasound Testing Services



Airborne ultrasound is used throughout the world for condition monitoring, energy conservation and quality assurance programs. Airborne ultrasound technology provides solutions for locating a variety of potential problems in plants. The three main areas are leak detection, mechanical inspection/trending and electrical inspection. Instruments based on airborne ultrasound sense high frequency sounds produced by leaks, electrical emissions and mechanical operations. They translate these sounds down into the audible range by an electronic process called heterodyning where they are heard through headphones and observed as intensity increments, typically decibels, on a display panel.

Since ultrasound is composed of high frequencies that are not heard by the human ear, the heterodyning process allows users of airborne ultrasound instruments to 'hear' an accurate translation of these sounds helping them identify subtle changes in operating equipment that might normally be overlooked, providing early warning capability.

Preventing the loss of air, nitrogen and other gas leaks is an important service Gratton Arabia provides to plants and other facilities. This service can potentially save your business significantly from energy losses.

Ultrasonic Testing is an important and valuable technique that Gratton Arabia uses to detect and prevent problems. We utilize Ultrasonic Testing on non-rotating assets such as steam lines, steam traps, vacuum chambers, valves, air lines, gas lines and pressure vessels.

Leak Detection is an important function for detecting and protecting problems in assets. Ultrasonic Testing is a very useful and our primary technique for leak detection. We often couple Ultrasonic Testing with IR (Infrared) Thermography to locate electrical leaks and faults.

Ultrasonic Testing utilizes specialized equipment that uses high frequency sound energy to analyze and make measurements. At Gratton Arabia, we use UE SYSTEMS INC. Ultraprobe 10000 to detect and analyze leaks. The right equipment like this and our years of experience allow us to help your organization save money from leaking out of your assets.

Airborne Ultrasound

  • Ultrasonic Bearing & Mechanical Inspections
  • Ultrasonic Electrical Inspections
  • Steam Trap Testing & Maintenance
  • Valve Testing Instruments

Ultrasound is effective in locating and diagnosing mechanical and electrical problems. It is useful in spotting bearing failure as well as electrical corona, tracking and arcing. In addition, it is effective in detecting internal leakage in steam traps and valves.

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