L. Robert Kimball & Associates, Inc.

L. Robert Kimball & Associates, Inc.

Airport Management Services



L.R. Kimball offers busy airport administrators the resources they need to make their facility as efficient and productive as it can be.

Our airport management services team provides on-the-ground expertise to help airport administrators reach their strategic goals. Whether it’s just for a few months or part of a long-term management agreement, our aviation specialists are hands-on partners who support our clients in all aspects of airport administration, management and planning, including:

  • Interim or long-term administration management
  • Planning
    • Airport management plans
    • Business plans
    • Emergency preparedness plans
    • Compliance plans
    • Security plans
    • Snow removal plans
    • Pavement maintenance plans
  • Development Services
    • Airpark development
    • Lease development
    • GIS application development
  • Financial Operations and Funding Support
    • Rates and fees analysis
    • Grant administration
    • Funding coordination
  • FAA Support
    • FAR 139 certifications – manual development
    • 5-year Airport Capital Improvement Plan preparation
    • FAA regulatory compliance
  • Operational Support
    • Rules and regulations development
    • Process analysis and development
    • Operations manuals
    • Minimum operating standards
    • Free Trade Zone applications
    • FBO negotiations
  • Safety Management System (SMS) compliance
  • Environmental compliance
  • Obstruction studies

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