Alarm Setting Services



Alarm Setting Services are for plant operators using Dust Gross Filter Failure Detectors. To ensure these instruments deliver maximum benefit, it is important that the alarms are configured to the optimum level for the process-specific conditions. PCME offer two categories of Alarm Setting Service for Dust Gross Filter Failure Detectors: Alarm Setting Assist (which does not include isokinetic sampling) & Alarm Setting Service (which includes isokinetic sampling). With the Alarm Setting Service, isokinetic sampling is performed using National and International sampling standards (eg EN 13284-1 and BS ISO9096) with documented and traceable procedures via a subcontracted network of approved (MCERTS) sampling companies.

Service features include:

  • Full system functionality testing
  • Isokinetic sampling run for alarm level correlation
  • Alarm setting from isokinetic data

Service levels:

  • Alarm Setting Assist
  • Alarm Setting Service

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