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Algae Pollution Control Service


The Controlled Eutrophication Process is a biological process that removes nitrogen and phosphorus from the culture water as the algae grow. This nutrient absorption effect can be used to reduce pollutants in wastewater streams, landfill discharges, and agricultural runoff. Kent BioEnergy has received state, federal, and industry funding for several water pollution control projects, including support from the Department of Agriculture, the National Science Foundation, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

In addition, when CEP technology is used to produce biofuels, less carbon dioxide is produced than when traditional fossil fuels are consumed. This effect can be used to reduce the release of greenhouse gases, thereby reducing air pollution and global warming. Kent BioEnergy has received funding from the Department of Energy to develop this promising technology.

We have received several contracts to use our CEP technology to reduce nutrient pollution in the Salton Sea in southern California. Federal funding is pending that would provide several millions of dollars for a comprehensive effort to improve water quality in the Sea; Kent BioEnergy has been a major contractor for this long-term pollution remediation effort.

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