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Allocation Services



Monitoring the measurement balance of your system is critical and when balance problems arise, our allocation team is your partner in identifying and resolving the problems.

By integrating all of your services with SPL, you form an alliance to produce defensible data that you can stand by.

SPL administers quality bank agreements for both oil and gas. Oil quality banks for API gravity and sulfur content, as well as gas quality banks for NGL, help treat all parties fairly where liquid and gas are commingled.

NGL banks provide a mechanism to mitigate inequities in gas processing economics. This occurs when gas streams of varying compositions are commingled with multiple delivery points upstream of gas processing plants.

SPL employs process simulation modeling to determine phase change in our allocation systems. This provides the ability to identify the proper distribution of liquid and gas streams by composition in a commingled system.

We provide consultation for a variety of services, such as production handling agreement administration, SOP development, and regulatory reporting.

Other Services include:

  • Sampling and Analysis
  • Measurement
  • Auditing
  • Allocation Services

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