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Allowances Management Services


Blackstone developed unique allowances management model that allows our clients to realize significant financial gains with respect to their emission allowances.

Allowances Management

  • We have access to the world market in environmental products, including alternative emission rights such as Emission Reduction Units from Joint Implementation and Certified Emission Reductions from the Clean Development Mechanism. This allows us to structure allowances management services in combination with European emission allowances.
  • The unique know-how posessed by Blackstone allows us to develop optimal emission allowances management strategy for each client. Each such strategy considers the allocation of allowances and current and expected emissions of the client and will lead to the creation of secure and profitable allowances management strategy.
  • All transactions are conducted with care and security , and are based on standardized legal documents.
  • Contact us and we will guide you through the opportunities of secure and profitable world of allowances management.

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