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Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a powerful oxidising biocide and can be used to treat domestic water systems to control the growth of legionella bacteria. The capacity of the water system will dictate the best method to introduce the chlorine dioxide. For small systems a ‘ready-to-use’ solution of chlorine dioxide can be dosed direct. For larger system the chlorine dioxide can be produced on site via a two drum system or electrolytically.

Chlorine Dioxide benefits:

  • More effective than chlorine
  • Biocidal properties not affected by pH
  • No by-products

Silver and Copper Ionisation

Ionisation technology is now acknowledged by the Health and Safety Executive as a suitable method to control pathogens, such as legionella, in water systems. Advance Environmental manufacture their own ionisation system, called, Ionix , which produces silver and copper ions to be released into the water.

The benefits of Ionix are:

  • No chemicals are involved so eliminates the need for storing hazardous materials
  • In certain circumstances hot water temperatures can be reduced remove the need for thermostatic mixer valves
  • Flexible to accommodate any size water distribution system

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