Balfours Environmental Consultants Limited (BECL)

Balfours Environmental Consultants Limited (BECL)

Anaerobic Digesters

Organic matter breaks down to produce a combustible biogas that powers a gas engine which in turn powers a generator that can produce electricity. It also produces heat that can be utilised locally and has a nutrient rich organic by product that can be used as a fertiliser. Anaerobic Digesters (AD) are well suited for farms as a combination of slurry waste and energy crops (such as maize silage) is ideal for the production of biogas. Most organic materials can be put into an AD plant but the yields of biogas can vary significantly between organic materials.

Larger farms or estates can diversify to become energy producers. Smaller farms can make use of their waste streams to generate electricity and heat for their own needs and for export.

The scale of the installation and yields will vary depending on the volume and composition of organic material being fed into the digester. Digesters also attract feed in tariffs that pay for all the electricity that is produced.

We can advise upon whether a digester might be suitable for you and can deliver at any scale you require.

We have a smaller modular system that can be installed to enhance existing farm income streams. We can also provide large scale digesters with a funding package that reduces the risk and makes a large scale scheme more attractive. As Anaerobic Digestion systems also produce heat, the Renewable Heat Incentive may also offer an additional financial reward.

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