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Clearfleau’s innovative high rate anaerobic digestion system will reduce overall treatment costs and maximise revenue. Anaerobic digestion is a well established process for bio-waste treatment where micro-organisms, that thrive in an oxygen-free environment, convert suspended (volatile) solids into biogas which is used to generate renewable energy (heat and power).


On-site anaerobic digestion combines treatment of liquid effluents with renewable energy generation.  The high rate system operates with a reduced liquid retention time on a confined footprint.  The system is designed to maximise energy output and can accommodate a combination of materials including trade effluents, wash waters, product rinsings, waste products as well as co-products and unwanted ingredients.  Liquid materials that can be pumped to the anaerobic digester have an unexploited energy value - anaerobic treatment will reduce treatment costs and the carbon footprint of the site.

Clearfleau’s anaerobic digestion plants can be tailored to applications in the dairy, drinks, food processing and other industrial sectors.  They treat a range of organic materials, including sugars, oils or fats and other solids.  Renewable energy generated (heat as well as power) can replace fossil fuels on the production site.

Key advantages of Clearfleau’s innovative approach to the anaerobic digestion include:

  • Reduced digester size  – lower capital costs, footprint and ease of mixing
  • Digestion efficiency and  optimised biogas output
  • Improved biogas quality (e.g. sulphur removal)
  • Energy efficiency - with minimal internal demand

Separating the solids retention time from the liquid (or hydraulic) retention time within the reactor is the key to effective operation of Clearfleau's high-rate Anaerobic Reactor.  In comparison, more established high-rate anaerobic digestion systems (i.e. UASB or EGSB plants) have more complex tank designs with higher build and operating costs.

Clearfleau has demonstrated its process in on-site trials undertaken on a range of feedstocks, in a number of different sectors.  The financial benefits from Clearfleau’s anaerobic digestion process include:

  • More effective management of liquid effluents and co-products
  • Reduced energy consumption and lower waste disposal costs
  • Generation of revenue from incentives for renewable energy
  • Enhanced green credentials and reduced CRC tax burden.

High rate digestion offers cost effective treatment of a range of liquid bio-wastes.  Clearfleau’s mobile unit is available for on-site trials with specific waste streams.  This plant has undertaken trials with a range of dairy wastes, bio-fuel waste and confectionary waste.  It is available for trials upon request.

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