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Rompetrol Quality Control (RQC) is a member company of KMG International, located in the premises of Rompetrol Refining Platform, which provide analysis services for oil products, environment and metallic materials. RQC Environmental Laboratories perform complex analyses for all specific categories of interest.

Waters (the analysis of physical, chemical, biological and bacteriological indicators in used waters, surface waters, underground and drinking waters): pH, conductivity, alkalinity, hardness, sulphides, phenols, ammoniacal nitrogen, nitrogen compounds, phosphates, chlorides, CBO5, CCOCr, metals and heavy metals – Fe, Cr, Mn, Cu, Ni, Zn, Mo, Pb, Cd, Ar, Hg, hazardous substances, etc;
Mud (coming from ponds, oil tanks, purification stations) – identification of pH, oil product, oil vapor extractible substances, humidity, dry matter, mineral substances, volatile organic compounds);
Soils (pH, oil product, oil vapor extractible substances, humidity, dry matter, mineral substances, volatile organic compounds)
Identification of:

  • chemical pollutants (hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, carbon mono/dioxide nitrogen monoxide, nitric acid, sulphuric acid, chloric acid, benzene, hexane, methanol, aliphatic hydrocarbon, breathable particulates, acetic acid, alcohol, ammonia, toluene, xilene, bromine, benzene, cyanides, etc);
  • physical pollutants (microclimate / temperature, relative humidity, lighting, noise);
  • oxygen (oxygen concentrations in the air);
  • explosive blends in air (explosimetry);
  • fume concentrations.

The complexity of environmental factor monitoring and not only, within the premises of a refinery size plant has generated the development by the Environmental Labs or some related expertise fields, such as industrial toxicology, focused on:

  • the complex analysis of work and industrial environment conditions in view of improving health and preventing professional diseases;
  • establishing workplace noxious potential;
  • establishing workplace noise and lighting level;
  • establishing workplace meteorological factors and the microclimate;
  • blood and urine medical and biotoxicological analyses.

 The laboratories cover all areas of interest in the field of industrial analyses and offer results corresponding to quantitative and qualitative measurements for more than 300,000 types of organic matter.

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