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Different problems require different approaches to finding successful solutions. Illingworth & Rodkin’s experience and expertise enable us to find reasonable and creative solutions to new or complex noise and vibration problems. Measurement can only get you so far. Once data is acquired, we apply what we learn from the data towards finding reasonable solutions to noise and vibration problems. We have conducted projects ranging from large scale multi-year research projects to noise studies for small development projects and everything in between.

Our modeling capabilities include in-house and packaged software. Airborne noise modeling software capabilities include 3-dimensional modeling noise mapping with SoundPLAN, traffic noise modeling using the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Traffic Noise Model (TNM), and construction noise modeling using FHWA’s Construction Noise Model (RCNM). For interior architectural design, modeling is conducted using CATT Acoustics. In-house spreadsheets and LabView based software are utilized for project in more emerging fields, such as underwater and tire/pavement noise analysis and monitoring.

Available Services

  • Application of our experience and expertise
  • Exterior noise modeling with SoundPLAN
  • Interior acoustical modeling with CATT Acoustics
  • Highway noise modeling with TNM 2.5
  • Construction noise modeling with RCNM
  • Air quality modeling with research and special purpose modeling
  • Underwater and tire/pavement noise with in-house software

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