Biopract GmbH

Biopract GmbH

Analysis for Feed Enzymes


Since 1996 Biopract has provided complete customer service analysis for all feed enzymes marketed by DSM Nutritional Products Ltd. Currently we analyze in our labs more than 10,000 samples from all over the world per year. We also support new product development at DSM. On several occasions Biopract expertise has been instrumental for our partner in developing improved or new analytical methods. The successful collaboration with the Analytical Research Center of DSM in Kaiseraugst (CH) over more than 15 years has resulted in an exclusive partnership in the field of feed enzymes.

  • Irrespective of this relationship, our Know How accumulated over many years is available for biotechnological applications and method development outside the field of feed enzymes. 
  • We are always interested in improving and developing and therefore open to a dialogue with scientific institutions and commercial partners in our field.

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