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Analysis of International R&D-Programmes and Funding Strategies


Advancements in science and its resulting technologies have expanded the perspectives and perceptions with which people at many levels of society now view their world. In the coming years, the rate of change of natural and human conditions and issues can be expected to continue to accelerate. The demand for research to meet the challenges of the future is obvious. The first question to be posed is what are the societal and environmental challenges of the future? The second question concerns the translation into research. There are many approaches, views, and ideas about the planning of research nowadays.

We are undertaking strategic research planning with a focus on environmental and security issues. The following tasks were addressed:

  • Advise on the formulation of R&D programmes in terms of rationales, target groups, thematic priorities, types of R&D activities supported;
  • Conceiving the layout of programme monitoring and evaluations and the procedures to learn from the findings of these activities;
  • Assessing the impact of R&D programmes on innovation

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