Analytical Chemistry


CompuChem has been the nation's leading provider of Contract Lab Program (CLP) services and CLP-like data since 1981. Headquartered in Cary, NC, we have an experienced staff, a broad range of analytical services, and an unfailing commitment to quality and method compliance. The company maintains a number of certifications and capabilities and is actively involved in both the Federal Services and Commercial environmental sectors. The company has analyzed samples of every conceivable type of matrix, including, fish, crab, oyster, worm tissue/organs/oil, bird tissue/organs, concrete/wood chips, heavy oil, and ceiling tiles. Our environmental testing laboratory has analyzed hundreds of thousands of samples with sludge, sediment, soil, water, biota, and waste matrices.

We continue to operate one of the largest single-site environmental analytical instrumentation facilities in the country. The company is able to analyze large delivery groups of samples for a wide variety of parameters. This large, diverse analytical capacity at one site avoids the potential confusion and error that could be introduced by dividing large sample batches between facilities located at separate locations.

CompuChem consists of several separate environmental testing laboratory areas that prepare and analyze environmental samples for the presence of organic and inorganic contaminants. Written standard operating procedures (SOPs) that comply with published analytical methods are in place in each laboratory area at CompuChem.

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