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Analytical Chemistry Services



Smithers Viscient offers a wide range of analytical services using sophisticated analytical instrumentation. We have the expertise, personnel and equipment to provide clients with assistance in analytical method development in support of environmental toxicology studies, biotechnology, manufacturing support, compliant sample analysis, polymer analysis, and surfactant analysis.

Smithers Viscient’s Analytical Chemistry Expertise:

Smithers Viscient’s analytical chemistry team has over 150 years of experience with particular strengths in method development, chromatography and compound identification. This range of expertise when combined with the latest analytical instrumentation and techniques allows Smithers Viscient to develop, and validate methods for a very broad range of test articles. This includes challenging materials such as mixtures, UVCB’s, low water solubility species and volatiles, capabilities include:

  • Assay test validation and qualification services
  • Method development
  • Method validation
  • Customized analytical testing
  • Metabolite characterization and identification
  • Physical/chemical properties testing
  • Stability testing
  • Water monitoring
  • Independent Laboratory validation

Analytical Chemistry Guidelines:

SANCO/3029/99 rev.4 (11 July 2000); Guidance for generating and reporting methods of analysis in support of preregistration data requirements for Annex II (part A, Section 4) and Annex III (part A, Section 5) of Directive 91/414.

SANCO /825/00 rev. 8.1 6 (16 November 2010); Guidance document on pesticide residue analytical methods.

SANTE/11945/2015 (01 January 2016); Guidance document on analytical quality control and method validation procedures for pesticides residues analysis in food and feed.

Analytical Chemistry Equipment and Instrumentation includes:

  • LC/MS/MS – electrospray and APCI
  • HPLC – UV, photodiode array, fluorescence, refractive index, evaporative light scattering, conductivity, electrochemical, radiochemical
  • GC – Flame ionization, electron capture, nitrogen-phosphorous, flame photometric, thermal conductivity
  • GC/MS – electron impact and chemical ionization
  • Total Organic Carbon
  • Dissolution Instrumentation – Validated, variable run time, unattended multiple time point analysis

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