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In water treatment, understanding of chemical cause and effect is crucial when deciding a course of action. If a decision is made without all the facts, what was originally considered to be a simple fix can easily turn into a time consuming and costly mistake, potentially causing plant production to come to a grinding halt. To prevent this from happening, U.S. Water offers a skilled and experienced analytical laboratory to provide you with the information necessary to make an accurate and informed decision. Utilizing established analytical methods to ensure maximum accuracy in the results, our state of the art, in-house analytical laboratory has the ability to run complex analysis that cannot be performed on-site. Our technicians ensure that your results are analyzed and interpreted accurately, consistently and in a timely manner for all types of water related analysis every time.

We can provide whole water analysis, elemental analysis, resin analysis, membrane autopsy, deposit analysis, test kits, reagents, laboratory equipment, chemical safety equipment, MSDS support.  Contact us to place an order for test kits, reagents, lab or safety equipment.

Available Testing
U.S. Water's Analytical Laboratory utilizes established analytical methods to ensure maximum accuracy in your results so you have peace of mind in knowing the information you use to make bottom line decisions is reliable. Our laboratory can provide analysis service for aerobic plate count, anaerobic plate count, BOD or CBOD, Bulk XRD Mineral Analysis, Bulk XRF Elemental Analysis, COD, Conductivity or pH, Dentrifying Bacteria (DNB), Glycol (ethylene/propylene), ICP Scan (26 metals), IC Scan (5 anions), Iron Reducing Bacteria (IRB), Legionella, Loss on Ignition (LOI), Membrane Autopsy, Nitrite or Nitrate, Oil and Grease, Particle Size Analysis (PSA), Single Metal, Slime Forming Bacteria, Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB), TKN, TOC, Total Phosphate, TSS or TDS, Water Scan Analysis for metals and other as well as Resin Scan Analysis.  Contact us to learn more about our testing capabilities.

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