RPC (Research and Productivity Council)

Analytical Services


RPC has been providing analyses to our clients for over 35 years. New Brunswick's only full-services analytical facility, our comprehensive analytical chemistry facilities provide a one-stop shop for all your analytical needs. RPC provides routine analyses for our clients but we are also capable of providing high-end analyses such as dioxins and furans, organo-metallics, low level trace metals analysis and a wide range of pesticides. RPC also has extensive experience in analysis of unusual matrices such as plant and animal tissues, fish meal and fish oil. Each Analytical Services group has developed teams of experts who keep up with the latest developments in technology and provide valuable research and development support, ensuring that our analytical services are second to none. Two-thirds of RPC's staff are engineers, scientists or technicians from a wide variety of backgrounds. This diversity offers clients access to a multi-disciplinary team which is an invaluable characteristic and when coupled with a commitment to client satisfaction, is why greater than 90% of our clients are repeat clients.

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