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Yara Analytical Services analyzes soil, tissue and water samples from all over the world. With over 30 years' experience in research and commercial analytical services, Yara Analytical Services continues to focus on improving value and service for the customer.

Why Use Soil and Leaf Analysis?
Acquiring and utilizing accurate information in the form of analytical data is fundamental to many decisions made in the agricultural, horticultural, environmental and amenity sectors.

For plant and crop production, it enables planning a fertilizer program that is accurate, timely and -- increasingly important -- environmentally responsible. Furthermore, promptly identifying potential problems in materials or areas shows the correct course of action to be taken to prevent the need for expensive remedial action later.

In short, soil and leaf testing provides the critical information required to ensure all crop nutrition decisions are accurate, efficient, cost-effective and responsible.

Our laboratory has nearly 40 years of experience producing independent analytical data from many different materials. We specialize is servicing the agricultural, horticultural, environmental and amenity sectors. Regularly, we receive a wide range of sample types including soil, plant tissue, water, fruit, manures, slurries and fertilizers.

We currently perform over two million separate analyses every year on samples received from the UK and over 50 countries worldwide. Our customer base ranges from individual growers to independent agronomic consultants to multi-national companies, including research stations, academic bodies and government organizations.

Increasingly, our flexibility and capacity allows us to carry out contracted analysis for other laboratories, either on a short-term basis or as a cost-effective alternative to equipping or extending their own facilities.

This background gives us a unique competence in providing a complete range of accurate analytical data as well as the information required to interpret and utilize this data effectively for any given situation.

Our key goal is to provide a rapid, accurate, cost-effective and understandable analytical testing service. At all stages, a knowledgeable back-up team fully supports this. They’re capable of delivering technical guidance and advice in a professional and courteous manner.

We understand the importance of timely advice. Therefore, we’re equipped and staffed to process samples quickly and efficiently. Most soil- and leaf-testing requests are completed within three working days from sample receipt to the emailed return of results.

Sample delivery is made as straightforward as possible, with postage-paid sample bags and a courier collection service available within the UK. We also have been granted the necessary authority to receive all types of samples from outside the UK.

Quality assurance is central to all we do at Yara Analytical Services. A robust internal quality system is in place to ensure that all data produced is consistently reliable and accurate. In addition, the laboratory holds both BS-EN-ISO 9001:2008 and ISO-IEC 17025:2005 levels of accreditation and, as a condition for maintaining these accreditations, we regularly participate in internationally recognized proficiency-testing schemes.

Furthermore, our commitment to the very best and latest analytical instrumentation, operated by our team of experienced and qualified staff, guarantees we can satisfy almost any analytical request.

Analytical data on its own is meaningless if the information it holds is not understandable. Our experienced advisory team is fully aware of this and makes every effort to present the data in a straightforward manner. Full integration with the Megalab software, which utilizes established nutrient guidelines, is key to this. The software also uses cropping information to convert analytical data into comprehensive and easily understandable reports. This enables product recommendations to be made with compete confidence.

Reports are released by email as soon as they become available from the laboratory. All results can be supplied in a variety of formats to ensure compatibility with other agronomic software packages. Paper copies can also be supplied by post upon request. In addition, direct access to all previous reports and further interpretation details is available at any time via the Internet.

However, we always remember the value of personal contact. Our advisory team is only a phone call away. We welcome direct contact to discuss all aspects of the services we provide.

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