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Polymer Characterization, S.A

Analytical Services


Polymer Char offers a wide range of Analytical Services for Polyolefin samples in its Laboratories in Valencia. Polymer Char’s Laboratories are a global reference in the Polyolefin Characterization field since the most complete range of instruments and techniques for microstructural characterization are available; Molar Mass by high temperature GPC-IR, Chemical Composition Distribution by CRYSTAF, TREF or CEF, Bivariate Distribution by Cross-Fractionation analysis (CFC), automated Xylene Solubles measurement by CRYSTEX, Preparative Fractionation by Molecular Weight and Composition, etc.

An infrared detector, Polymer Char’s IR4, the most appropriate detector for polyolefins, is used as concentration detector in all the analytical techniques. Other detectors are also available in some of the techniques; like methyls or carbonyls content, highly sensitive methyls content measurement by IR5 MCT for HDPE resins, Viscometer or Light Scattering, the DAWN HELEOS™ II of Wyatt Technology (8 angles).

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