Analytical Services

The Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (formerly known as the Pesticide Residue Laboratory) is situated at the KEPHIS Headquarters in Nairobi, Oloolua Ridge, Karen. It is a multi-purpose facility that is able to analyse agrochemical formulations and residues in a wide range of agricultural produce, soil water and animal tissues at a fee. The main objective of the laboratory is to provide customers within KEPHIS, other Government departments and the wider private sectors with efficient and competitive range of scientific analytical and advisory services under our mandate areas.

These mandate areas include:
  • To establish service laboratories to monitor the quality and levels of toxic residues in plants, soils, crops ad animal produce
  • To establish posts at convenient locations for quality control for fertilizers and monitor the levels of residues of agricultural inputs and their environmental effects
  • To establish linkages for collaboration with various local and international government and non-governmental organisations so as to execute our tasks professionally
  • To establish machinery for educating the public on safe use of agrochemicals
The services offered include:
  • These services offered are in the area of:
    • Determination of pre-harvest intervals of agrochemical products under local conditions.
    • Degradation studies of storage products: This service is offered to companies that wish to register agrochemical products used in the treatment of storage grains against pests for the first time in the country.
    • Environmental pollution and radiation monitoring.
    • This analysis is done to ascertain the active ingredient contents of agrochemical formulations. Clients can bring samples for analysis to the laboratory situated at the Headquarters.
    • Analysis of active ingredients in formulated products. Examples of which include organsophosphates, organochlorines, pyrethroids, triazines, carbamates, dithiocarbamates and many others.

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