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Analytical Services


Specialized analytical testing demands a balance of experienced personnel and state-of-the-art instrumentation. The Analytical Services Laboratories of INDSPEC are staffed by knowledgeable scientists skilled in solving difficult industrial problems requiring chemical and/or physical testing. The personnel of INDSPEC Chemical Analytical Services Group have more than 70 combined years of analytical testing experience, emphasizing a non-routine, problem-solving approach. Direct experience includes the areas of rubber, plastics and polymers, adhesives, product deformulation, contaminant characterization and 'good versus bad' analyses.

Our scientists are available for consultation in addressing the analytical challenges that you might be facing.


  •     GC - Flame Ionization
  •     HPLC - Fixed and Variable Ultraviolet, Refractive Index, Photodiode Array Detectors
  •     Spectrophotometric (Colorimetric)
  •     Titrimetric
  •     Potentiometric
  •     Ion-selective Electrode
  •     Percent Solids
  •     Ash
  •     Elemental Analysis
  •     Flash Point - Open and Closed Cup
  •     Functional Group Analysis
  •     Atomic Absorption - Up to 25 Metals

Absorption Spectroscopy

  •     FT-IR
  •     UV/Visible Spectrophotometry
  •     Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  •     Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence

Thermal Analysis

  •     Thermogravimetric Analysis
  •     Differential Scanning Calorimetry
  •     Karl Fischer (Moisture)
  •     Number-Average Molecular Weight by Vapor Pressure Osmometer
  •     Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

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