IBZ-Salzchemie GmbH & Co. KG

Analytical Services


Comprehensive analysis of materials by standard methods as well as determination of physical-chemical characteristics.

We offer:

  • Analytics of salts and salt solutions
  • Determination of TOC, COD and other parameters
  • Characterization of thermal decomposition of organic and inorganic materials at temperatures up to 1500°C by means of DTA/TGA measurements
  • Particle size analysis (sieve analysis, laser diffraction)
  • Determination of compressive, bending and tensile strength
  • Recording of UV-VIS spectra
  • Determination of ultrasonic run time in different materials
  • Colloidal mixing
  • Viscosity determinations (rotary viscometer, cone – plane viscometer)
  • Characterization of construction materials
  • Permeability measurements on soils and rock
  • Eluation behavior of contaminants from soil, rock and artificial materials (e.g. backfill, waste rock, tailings) in accordance with DIN 38414-S4
  • Determination of refractive index, melting point and boiling point

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