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When it comes to risk management, your ability to read the numbers is a competitive advantage. At Integro, we've built a suite of superior, tested analytical models designed to give our clients the in-depth and up-to-date information necessary to design the best coverage. Of course, we don't stop there. We've also built a set of customizable support tools that elevate our clients to the level of underwriters so they can determine the best response to each risk and insurance challenge. We make sure our clients have access to the same data as the insurers evaluating their risk. And we incorporate these sophisticated analytics into every consulting and brokerage project.

From the very beginning through every step of the risk evaluation process, we quantify all possible risks and measure each client's unique loss potential. Our robust approach not only calls out concerns an underwriter might have but can highlight the client organization's health, power, and risk strengths.

At Integro, we embed analytics right in the brokerage team. With dedicated analytics professionals working collaboratively with the client and the broker, we provide expert customization for each client. We have the flexibility to move beyond generic turnkey solutions and deliver the optimal advice for your specific needs. Add to this our ongoing investment in proprietary databases and you can see why our analytic approach and capabilities give our clients a competitive advantage.

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