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ANALYZE solution

Cutting-edge Analysis of Your Holding’s Data. AGERpoint's capture system provides the initial step in a comprehensive process designed to give growers the most accurate view of their holdings possible. AGERpoint has developed  industry-leading solutions that can then analyze the culled data and deliver it to growers in a user-friendly interface, allowing them to make more effective decisions.

The photographic images captured by the vehicle are matched with the corresponding point cloud and cross-referenced with a baseline provided by the GPS data. AGERpoint then utilizes a customized software solution to classify and extract key information such as trunk diameter, tree height, leaf density and the biomass of trees.

All of this comes together to provide our customers with the beginnings of a framework that will allow them to effectively analyze the health and potential of their holdings. Whether focusing in on a single tree or looking at an entire grove, growers and their partners will be working with essential data and analysis that gives them a true, real-time idea of how their holdings are doing and where they are headed in the future. 

Developing New Solutions for Data Analysis.

The data is also sent through post-processing using an industry-leading solution that AGERpoint developed to automatically count the number of fruit on a tree. Growers can even use the combination of video and GPS data to extract photos of specific trees to get an even more detailed handle on the health of their holdings

Each tree is then individually identified and assigned a assigned a unique identification code, creating a comprehensive catalogue which can be accessed through a graphical interface.

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