Annual Calibration Services



ENVEA UK has extensive experience assisting operators to meet their compliance monitoring requirements, where understanding that calibration is not simply an isokinetic test is the key to success. Two categories of service are offered for the calibration of Particulate Measurement Systems: Annual Calibration Assist (which does not include isokinetic sampling) & Annual Calibration Service (which includes isokinetic sampling). With the Annual Calibration Service, isokinetic sampling is performed using National and International sampling standards (eg EN 13284-1 and BS ISO9096) with documented and traceable procedures via a subcontracted network of MCERTS accredited test house partners. Calibration Services are in full compliance with the most recent advice from the Environment Agency, RM-QG6 (Sept. ’09). Three levels of service are offered, to suit operators requiring differing levels of support: Basic, Standard, and Tailored.

Service features include:

  • Full instrument download and interrogation
  • Isokinetic sampling by MCERTS accredited test house
  • 6 month follow-up inspection visit
  • Calibration certification

Service levels:

  • Annual Calibration Assist Basic
  • Annual Calibration Assist Standard
  • Annual Calibration Assist Tailored
  • Annual Calibration Service Basic
  • Annual Calibration Service Standard
  • Annual Calibration Service Tailored

Annual Calibration Assist and Annual Calibration Service are optionally available as a contract to provide a scheduled structure of support over an extended period. Full details are available on request from ENVEA UK.

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