Annual Configuration Services



Configuration Services are designed for operators requiring reliable and representative trending data from their dust monitors, without the need for calibrated, quantitative measurement. PCME's Service Engineers have extensive experience configuring dust monitors to maximise filter performance and process benefits. Customers using Dust Gross Filter Failure Detectors, Filter Leak Monitors and Filter Performance Monitors can choose from Configuration Assist or the full Configuration Service.

Service features include:

  • Inspection of sensor location and application suitability
  • Full instrument download and interrogation
  • Isokinetic sampling by MCERTS accredited test house
  • System configuration using isokinetic sample data, including alarm level configuration

Service levels:

  • Annual Configuration Assist
  • Annual Configuration Service Standard
  • Annual Configuration Service Tailored

Annual Configuration Assist and Annual Configuration Service are optionally available as a contract to provide a scheduled structure of support over an extended period.

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