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How do I know if I have to file an AER?

Facilities required to file an annual emissions report include the following:

  • Every facility that receives an Annual Emissions Reporting notification from AQMD, regardless of the estimated annual emissions levels, even if no fees are due, to update the facility’s emissions records.
  • Every facility that has estimated annual emissions of four (4) of more tons of sulfur oxides (SOx), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen oxides (NOx), specific organics (SPOG), particulate matter (PM), or emissions of 100 tons per year or more of carbon monoxide (CO), or emissions of
  • Every facility that emits Toxic Air Contaminants and Ozone Depleting Compounds (TAC/ODC) in excess of the threshold listed in Table IV of Rule 301
  • Every facility subject to the AB2588 Program for reporting quadrennial updates to its toxics emissions inventory (per Health and Safety Code Section 44344).

How can Alta help us/me?

  1. Auditing your processes and permits to determine if you need new or modified SCAQMD permits
  2. Scrutinizing the exhaustive SCAQMD fee schedule to determine the lowest applicable fees for your facility
  3. Helping you self-report non-permitted equipment, so you don’t obtain costly Notices of Violation from SCAQMD inspection staff
  4. Completing accurate SCAQMD permit applications that are processed in a streamlined fashion by SCAQMD staff
  5. Negotiating the most favorable permit conditions for your operations

Our staff can schedule your 2012 environmental compliance reporting. For example, did you remember the 2012 SB 14 Hazardous Waste documentation, which is only due every 4 years? Download the Alta Environmental Compliance Calendar to get started.

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