Alpha MOS Environment

Anticipating Nuisances


Anticipating nuisances.

  • To easily view the dynamic evolution of the site's emissions dispersion plume
  • To know the frequency, duration and intensity of odors perceived by local residents
  • To act at the source and communicate in advance of a significant odor or chemical release.
  • To put in place high performance and recognized technologies for monitoring odor pollution.
  • To respect the comfort of residents and reduce, or avoid, complaints related to odor nuisance

  • RQ Box solutions
    • RQ Box solutions provide continuous monitoring of emissions and their dispersal around the sites. The predictive model of dispersal allows you to continuously monitor the evolution of the odor or chemical plume on a site or regional scale. At all times, you know the concentrations in the vicinity in order to act and communicate quickly.
  • RQ Box Anywhere
    • Monitoring of one or more site(s) via Internet
  • RQ Box
    • Local site monitoring

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