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Application Engineering

TAPROGGE stands by its recommendations and executes them accordingly. The monitoring of tube conditions serves above all for the observation and control of changes over a certain period. TAPROGGE accompanies those changes in cooperation with the operating staff.

Abrasive Ball Cleaning
To guarantee a uniform protective layer on the tube surfaces, cleaning by means of abrasive balls calls for consultancy by TAPROGGE, in particular with cooling tubes of copper alloys.

Dosing of Ferrous Sulfate / Corrosion Inhibitors
To TAPROGGE’s application experience the dosing of ferrous sulfate and other corrosion inhibitors has become necessary for the orderly establishment of an appropriate protective layer and for balancing the benefits from thermal economies and corrosion avoidance.

Eddy Current Testing
Eddy current testing serves for the control of cooling tube conditions and, especially when comparing several years, provides evidence to support the preventive exchange or plugging of cooling tubes, thus for the avoidance of unscheduled outages due to tube leakages.

Changed conditions of heat exchanger tubing in time comparison

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