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For superior performance diffusers and membranes have to be engineered according the intended application including with special focus on Polymer formulation for specific performance requirements. Physical properties of the base membrane material. Mechanical requirements of the membrane which is perforated to allow air to escape. Shape and geometry of the plastic support structure to insure an even air distribution over the entire membrane area and length.

Our polymer engineers in the Jäger Group formulate and fabricate compounds in-house on 2 mixing lines. Based on more than 25 years of experience we recommend:

  • EPDM for most residential wastewater applications
  • Nitrile and Urethane for superior service in oily wastewater applications
  • Silicone based compounds for excellent performance in high temperature applications and municipal treatment plant with high load of various industrial waste.
  • Fluoro- and other specialty polymers for specific industrial or unusual wastewater applications or specific industrial manufacturing processes.


Jäger Umwelt-Technik offers a membrane evaluation program for difficult or unusual waste waters. For these unusual influents apparatus for on-site testing is available. Field-testing allows the selection of the membrane material to be optimised as well as provides an opportunity to demonstrate the performance capabilities of different products by one-to-one comparison. When evaluating applications with unusual conditions, the field test program is invaluable in determining the appropriate membrane material. In general it takes 3 to 6 months time to retrieve reliable performance and lifetime data of the diffusers. Within this period membrane samples are analyzed for change of their mechanical and chemical properties.

Whenever more detailed analysis is required our in-house rubber laboratory is complemented.

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