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Applied Ecological Services (AES) of Brodhead, WI and Ayres Associates of Eau Claire, WI, have jointly announced the addition of new services for aerial imaging and remote sensing available through the purchase and co-ownership of a Leica RCD30 aerial camera. The medium format digital system will provide color and near-infrared (NIR) imagery to support a wide variety of projects, from engineering grade mapping to environmental assessments.

Introduced by Leica Geosystems as a digital follow-on to its highly successful RC30 film cameras, the RCD30 is a medium-format digital imaging system developed for a wide range of photogrammetric and remote sensing applications. The 60 MP single camera head design delivers co-registered, multispectral imagery in the red, green, blue, and NIR portions of the spectrum. The sleek modular design allows the camera to fit easily in aircraft previously outfitted with film cameras, and the RCD30 integrates with many LiDAR sensors, including the Leica ALS series.

The camera purchase, in conjunction with flight services offered by AES, provides Ayres and AES with in-house aerial acquisition services for clients including governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, land trusts and others. Image collection with the RCD30 will be done by AES and post-processing by Ayres; both firms will use imagery to support work that includes ecological assessments and monitoring, utility corridor mapping, forestry, mining, water resources, invasive species management and restoration planning projects. The co-ownership of the medium format digital camera allows Ayres and AES to provide rapid mobilization and cost effective aerial acquisition services throughout the Midwest and elsewhere.

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