Innovative Membrane Technologies Solutions B.V. (IMT )

Approval & Test


Various modules and fibers, IMT produces are certified by different institutes. Our products have a full approval in the core markets of Germany and Russia and comply with regulations on drinking water treatment in the various regions.

Comprehensive tests are undertaken by independent institutes to check our membranes and modules. These tests state a filtration performance while posing no risk to people's health. IMT's technologies therefore provide maximum reliability combined with optimum, assured protection.

Approval of:

  • Institute of Medical Sciences of the MT (Russia) certificate;
  • Hygiene Institut des Ruhrgebiets, wich is accreditated by DVGW; certificate according to the German KTW
  •  guideline certificate.

Tested by:

  • Vitens / Holland did a microbiological retention test see result;
  • Institut Fresenius / Germany did a microbiological test on Ultrafiltration modules see result.

Some of our clients have become (extra) certification for their products in which they use IMT's modules or SevenBore membrane fibers.

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