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AQSIQ agency-AQSIQ certificateAQSIQ Certificate/CCIC License/ISO9001/China Waste material Import License Relationship China AQSIQ Certificate: (Article by China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd) Overseas supplier have to get AQSIQ license registration, then can apply CCIC pre shipment inspection for waste material AQSIQ /CCIC Agent: China Recycling Inspection Service Co., Ltd Justin Xu Web: www.aqsiq.org Email: recycling@aqsiqgov.com Skype: AQSIQ-Justin We chat : 13575798844 Whatsapp: 86 13575798844 CCIC License: Suppliers have to do CCIC inspection for every batch of your products. Generally speaking, CCIC is applied by suppliers themselves, after you geting CCIC, then can export to China ISO9001 License: According to Chinese regulations, you have to get ISO9001 before AQSIQ application China import license: Chinese buyers should get import license for waste material, then can make a purchasing from suppliers The validity period for these Certificates: AQSIQ License: 3 years

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