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AQSIQ certificateChina AQSIQ certificate for raw materials export to China Raw materials including: waste plastics AQSIQ, metal scrap AQSIQ, mixed metal scrap AQSIQ, waste paper AQSIQ, waste textile AQSIQ, smelt scrap AQSIQ, waste wood AQSIQ etc. AQSIQ agency service: HangZhou Recycling Inspection Service Ltd Justin-Xu    Mob:0086-18072956499  Email: Skype:AQSIQ-justin  web: AQSIQ application process as followings: 1, Sign the contract with us by fax or email 2, Application enterprises mail or email documens to us 3, we will apply on AQSIQ system first, then we will get the application number, print application form. 4,Suppliers mail the original notarized documents to us, application form with company stamp and legal person’s signature. 5, When we received these documents, we will compile quality management system files required for AQSIQ certification. Be attention: If you have quality management system files of ISO9001, it can not be used for

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