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aqsiq certificateAQSIQ/CCIC/ISO9001----Permit to export waste material to China AQSIQ Certificate expert Justin Xu China Recycling Inspection Service Co.,Ltd Today i will share my experience for China AQSIQ certificate application. If we receive “Notice of Rejection Registration” from China AQSIQ, can we reapply? Yes, you can. You need to submit original materials again, and emphasis on analyzing and correcting unqualified reasons of notice of rejection registration. Does AQSIQ conduct spot inspection when apply for certification? Does they obtain charge fee? How to implement spot inspection? AQSIQ /CCIC Agent: China Recycling Inspection Service Co., Ltd Web: Email: Skype: AQSIQ-Justin We chat : 1807295649 Whatsapp: 86 18072956499 So far, all foreign suppliers of new approved registration need to conduct spot inspection within 1-2 years of obtaining registration. They will not obtain charge fee, but need enterprise assist assessors to transact vi

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